Break-In Your Orthotics

Break-In Your Orthotics

Your new Custom Orthotics will take some time to get used to. It is recommended that you wear them in only one pair of shoes during the break-in period. It is best to break-in your Custom Orthotics with a new pair of shoes that have NOT been broken down or stretched out. Properly fitting footwear is essential for the orthotic to work correctly. 

Day 1: Wear no longer than 1 hour

Day 2: Wear no longer than 2 hours

Day 3: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break 

Day 4: Wear no longer than 3 hours

Day 5: Wear no longer than 5 hours

Day 6: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break 

Day 7: Wear no longer than 7 hours

Day 8: Wear no longer than 9 hours

Day 9: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break

Day 10: Wear up to 10 hours

It may take from three to four weeks before you can wear them comfortably all day. Do not wear your orthotics for athletic activity during the break-in period.  Wait until the 10th day before doing any intense activity such as running or playing sports while wearing your Custom Orthotics. 

If you are a runner, it is possible that some irritation may also develop in your arch, usually just behind the big toe. If you feel a "hotness" developing in this area take your orthotics out before a blister is formed. Lubricating this area may be helpful until the skin becomes toughened up. 

If you experience discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees or back while wearing your new orthotics, take them out of your shoes and reduce the wear time by one hour each day until the discomfort disappears. Resume the normal break-in procedure, increasing wear time by an hour per day. If after 3-4 weeks, you are still having difficulty adjusting to the orthotics, contact our office for instructions. Your orthotics may need to be adjusted. Do not attempt to adjust your orthotics yourself. Be patient, the results will be long lasting.

Each orthotic is custom made for you and your needs.  This may require you to follow alternative instructions from our doctor.

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